Jorge Andres Navarro Giraldo

Charge Transport andMagnetic Asymmetry in Graphene,Bilayer Grapheneand Graphite byHFEPR Spectroscopy

Školitel: Dr. Petr Neugebauer

Instituce: Brno University of Technology, CEITEC VUT

Obor: Advanced Materials and Nanosciences


O projektu

I propose a new method of studying the charge transport in graphene, bilayer graphene and graphite by high-field/high-frequency electron paramagnetic resonance (HFEPR) spectroscopy. This method presents great advantages over the current methods due to its contactless nature and the possibility of industrial applications. It allows for studying the effects of an out-of-plane magnetic field applied to samples, an experiment that is very difficult to perform by traditional approaches.


Kde se profesně vidím za 10 let

I see myself as a renown researcher in the field of condensed matter physics, establishing my own research group in the Czech Republic, preferably in Brno, and bridging fundamental research with technology advances in regional industry.


Proč mám rád/a Brno

I love Brno because it is a booming city with a growing high-tech and IT industry, attracting talent from all over the world. While it is not a very big city, It has all the advantages of one, making life here easy and fun.