Jan Čížek

Ing. Jan Čížek, Ph. D.

Project: CZECOLDSPRAY- Cold Spray Deposition of Al/Al-Ti Metallic Protective Layers for Oxidation Control of Near-Gamma Titanium Aluminides for High-Temperature Oxidizing Environments

Person in Charge: Prof. Ing. Švejcar Jiří, CSc.

Host institution: Brno University of Technology

Country of Origin: Czech Republic

Country of scientific activity: Singapore

Project duration: 12 months

Scientific panel: Engineering and Information science


The proposed research study focuses on the oxidation control of TiAl intermetallics used in high temperature oxidizing environments using a novel and evolving kinetic cold spray surface treatment technology.
In the cold spray process, protective metallic layers designated for deliberate oxidation will be deposited onto near-gamma TiAl substrates at near-ambient temperatures. Contrary to traditional high-temperature methods used for deposition of the layers (e.g. HVOF, gun detonation, wire arc, flame spraying, plasma spraying), several major disadvantages influencing the overall quality and reliability of the deposit + substrate components will be avoided - secondary stresses leading to premature fractures and delaminations of the layers; undesirable phase changes of deposited materials and their oxidation prior to the high-temperature testing; increased levels of porosity of the coatings causing deterioration of mechanical properties of the layers and anisotropy of its properties; inferior adhesion of the high-temperature sprayed deposits, etc.
The cold spray protective layers are expected to significantly reduce the deterioration of the components in elevated temperatures applications, extending the components utilization range, increasing their respective reliability and prolonging their service life. Currently, there is almost non-existent research done on cold spray protection of near-gamma TiAl intermetallic components and only a limited number of worldwide research centres focusing on a long-term targeted research on the cold spray technology. This research aims to be one of the pioneering works in this scientific area and provide an alternative, superior function-performing solution as compared to that of the currently used technologies.

IMSE, a host institution of one of the scientists reintegrating to the Czech Republic within the SoMoPro program framework is looking for talented students interested in novel and advanced materials and recent technologies of their respective production and manufacturing.

The students will become an integral part of research teams focused on various aspects of materials sciences and engineering and will be given an opportunity to work with advanced technologies which are currently installed at the Institute. There is a number of available interesting research topics to select from, primarily projects currently under investigation or project linked to and following the current ones. More up-and-coming students could propose their own research topic.


Successful scholars of the science could be additionally supported by increasing the scholarship using selected funds from investigated projects, specific research and/or alternatively from the OPVK support for increase in the competitiveness projects.

Contact person is SoMoPro fellow Jan CIZEK, PhD, ciz.jan(at)gmail.com. Phone inquiries could also be made at +420 541 143 166.