Beatrix C.Hiesmayr

Priv. Doz. Dr. Beatrix C.Hiesmayr

Project: QuPzz&Ent - The Quantum Puzzle in High Energy Physics and Entanglement

Person in Charge: Prof. Mgr. Tomáš Tyc, Ph.D.

Host institution: Faculty of Science, Masaryk University

Country of Origin: Austria 

Country of scientific activity: Slovak, Bulgaria

Project duration: 18 months

Scientific panel: Physics


Since the year 1964 when John S. Bell found his famous Bell inequalities, studies of entanglement, its numerous manifestations and peculiar quantum effects are a very active field in physics. This field has already put forward new technological applications as e.g. quantum cryptography or a formidable quantum computer. In nearly all applications entanglement plays a key role. A full picture of entanglement is still an open question. Certainly studies of quantum systems at different energy scales are essential to obtain a full picture of entanglement and its various manifestations, in particular of quantum systems which are not of ordinary matter and light, e.g. containing strange and beauty quarks (studied in Particle Physics). Therefore my goals are to study entanglement, its manifestations and applications in certain different (multipartite) quantum systems, in particular also including systems in high energy physics. This implies connecting two fields in physics, Quantum Foundations and Quantum Information Theory and Particle Physics.