Pavlína Pokorná

Structure and Dynamics of Protein-Protein and Protein-RNA Recognition

Supervisor: Prof. RNDr. Jiří Šponer, DrSc.

Institution: CEITEC-MU and Institute of Biophysics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Field of Study: Biomolecular Chemistry

About my project

The project aims to elucidate mechanisms of recognition and binding between biomolecules that affect gene expression. Molecular dynamics simulations are primarily used to obtain atomic-level dynamical data on binding and to evaluate the importance of individual residues.

My role is to perform full-scale research, i.e., to design research based on available experimental data, suggest simulation goals, model the systems, perform MD simulations and other auxiliary calculations (enhanced-sampling simulations, QM/MM, bioinformatics search), analyse the data, put them into the context of experimental measurements and, based on the results, formulate hypotheses and suggest verifying experiments, where relevant. My work will further include continuous search in literature, preparation of publications and participation in supervision of master/bachelor students.

Where I see myself in my career in 10 years

I plan to finish my PhD in standard time, i.e., within four years. And in ten years from now I see myself as a mother, back in Czech Rep. after a postdoctoral stay, still working in science as a part of an international team in the field.

What I like most about Brno

Forests north of it.