Markéta Tesařová

Quantitative 3D characterization of biological structures by X-ray computed microtomography

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Jozef Kaiser, Ph.D

Institution: CEITEC-BUT

Field of Study: Advanced nanotechnologies and microtechnologies 

About my project

The project deals with the imaging of biological structures by X-ray microCT. By this method, we can visualise various tissues in 3D non-destructively.

I will perform almost all experiments by myself, except the advanced analytical methods (mass spectrometry) or advanced method of visualization (transmission electron microscopy). I already managed the principles of laboratory work with animal cells and tissue cultures and methods of evaluating protein corona formation (SDS-PAGE gel electrophoresis, western blotting). I am able to encapsulate cytostatic drug into apoferritin nanocarrier and I also performed hemolytic assay, to evaluate hemotoxicity of prepared nanoparticles with modified surface, and MTT assay, to evaluate how the surface modifications of nanoparticles affect the internalization of drugs into cells. I am going to manage other cytotoxic assays (for example kidney cytotoxic assay) by myself.

Where I see myself in my career in 10 years

At the moment, I am enjoying being a part of a strong multidisciplinary scientific team. I want to be a part of this or similar team in 10 years as well. In my opinion, the connection between life sciences and technology development is one of the future scientific directions. This is the reason why I chose an interdisciplinary research topic for my PhD. In 10 years, I would like to have my own team in the research and development area which will focus on the connection of life and material sciences. Whether it will be in academia or the private company is not important for me at the moment.

What I like most about Brno

I like that Brno is a city of opportunities for young people.