Markéta Luklová

The tripartite interaction of cytokinin, light and hydrogen peroxide in plants´ biology

Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Břetislav Brzobohatý, Csc.

Institution: Department of Molecular Biology and Radiobiology, Mendel Univeristy

Field of Study: Life Science: Bio-omics

About my project

Plants are, as sessile organisms, constantly exposed to the myriad of environmental signals that together with endogenous factors influence their growth and development. The remarkable plasticity of the plant´s biochemical machinery allows them to integrate multiple of these stimuli to enable acclimation to the large range of growth conditions. In this project, I will use a multiple of "omics" approaches to elucidate the importance and the role of tripartite interaction of light, cytokinin and hydrogen peroxide for plants life. To study this interaction, I will use a plant model organism Arabidopsis thaliana and its mutant or transgenic lines with disrupted/modulated signaling of individual components of this tripartite interaction. The last part of this study will evaluate if the identified mechanisms are evolutionary conserved and shared between species. The cross-species similarities will be analyzed in agronomically important crop Solanum lycopersicum.

I will supervise a bachelor student Vladěna Liberdová that will be responsible for the plant propagation and also will help sample preparation for proteomics and transcriptomics analyses. The team will also join a diploma student Miroslav Berka. He will be involved in the monitoring of ROS enzymes activity and monitoring of hydrogen peroxide in planta.

Where I see myself in my career in 10 years

In ten years I see myself as an independent researcher that will have gained experience and leadership skills to establish its own group. I see myself as a mentor who is able to highly encourage and motivate group members and students.

What I like most about Brno

I like that Brno is a modern and developing city that is not too far from nature.