Krishnendu Bera

Interaction of selected phospho-proteins and organic molecules with 14-3-3 proteins

Supervisor: RNDr. Mgr. Jozef Hritz

Institution: CEITEC-MU (Research Group of Protein Structure and Dynamics (prof. Lukas Zidek))

Field of Study: Structural Biology


About my project

In this project, I will be involved in cryo-electron microscopy image analysis to determine 3D structure of human tyrosin hydroxylase (hTH) and 14-3-3 complex. I’ll use micrographs generated by my colleagues in my group. I’ll also use several computational tools like QSAR, virtual screening, molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation to design of small molecules, peptides and predict the binding sites for hTH and 14-3-3 complex. These proteins are mainly associated with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson ones. Our collaborator “DyNAbind”, a German Biotech company will screen milions of small molecules experimentally for us. The best hits obtained either by computational or experimental means will be validated experimentally by using NMR, ITC etc.

Where I see myself in my career in 10 years

I would like to finish my PhD studies within four years. My research plan for 3 years starting from January 2019 is described in my project proposal. Further half year is expected for finishing last publications, writing my PhD thesis and a defence. I want to pursue my career in research, so I probably join PostDoc abroad to learn new additional techniques after my PhD study. My long-term goal is to run an independent research group back in my country of origin after gaining advanced skills from various research institutes. So, if everything goes well according to my plan, I want to see myself as a promising researcher/group leader in the area of proteomics and drug designing.

Do you have any hobby helping you to relax after daily stress?

I use to do lot of stuffs in my free time after my daily stress like cooking, singing, playing computer games, indoor games like badminton. I also like literature. I mostly write poem, reading novels etc. During weekend I use to roam around new places, hiking, long drive, play football, cricket etc.