Karolína Trachtová

Comprehensive analysis of methylation profiles and gene fusions for therapeutic planning in pediatric onkology

Supervisor: prof. Ondřej Slabý, Ph.D.

Institution: Ondřej Slabý Research Group (Centre for Molecular Medicine – CEITEC]

Field of Study: Bio-omics

About my project

This project is focusing on enhancing current diagnostic approaches for pediatric patients using Next-generation sequencing. Several sequencing methods will be combined and bioinformatic pipelines will be deployed in order to contribute to personalized therapy planning at the Department of Pediatric Oncology of Faculty Hospital Brno.

Where I see myself in my career in 10 years

After the Ph.D. studies, I plan to apply for a postdoctoral position in one of the prominent bioinformatic centers and further follow my current research to enhance personalized therapy in oncology.

What I like most about Brno

Brno is a student city with many opportunities for scientists and a convenient location in the heart of Europe.