Erik Mravec

Study of Effects of Internal and External Exposure Factors on Human Microbiota

Supervisor: Mgr. Eva Budinska, Ph.D.

Institution: RECETOX

Field of Study: Ecotoxicology

About my project

Main focus will be study of human gut microbiota in first half-year of child’s life. I will in analyze bacterial composition in samples and generated raw data will be processed by bioinformatics group. After that I perform final interpretation of results in combination with obtained results from other research teams performing complementary analysis and detailed questionnaries recieved from mothers. Secondary aim will be establishment of a new methods for metagenomic diagnostic.

My main role in the team is to describe the gut microbiota development in newborn’s first half-year of life in Czech republic in relation to child health. I will be processing stool and buccal swab samples of children and mothers stemming from the study, interpret the results on both individual and population level in context with additional data (dietary, metabolic, immune, external exposures, socio-economic status, ...) as provided by other research groups. My secondary objectives will be optimalization of existing and introducting new methods of sample preparation, DNA isolation and next-generation sequencing.

Where I see myself in my career in 10 years

I would like to stay on the project as long as I will be needed, until I succeed to fill the objectives of my PhD, but of course I want to finish my PhD as soon as possible. From the point of the „experience diversity“ and a life change, a postdoctoral position in the USA seems to be the perfect fit for my future career. I had a great experience with this country as I attended W&T programme and it will be very interesting to uncover scientific-side of this country. With this experience I want to come back in Europe and try to get ERC starting grant and create my own research group.

What I like most about Brno

The best attribute of Brno is a balanced ratio of top science and education and a wide selection of sports and leisure opportunities.