Alena Dostálová

Effect of climate change on environmental factors on survival of aquatic macroinvertebrates in drying streams

Supervisor: RNDr. Petr Pařil, Ph.D

Institution: Masaryk University

Field of Study: Hydrobiology

About my project

My project identifies crucial refugee (hiding spots) of aquatic fauna during dry periods in intermittent streams (streams that regularly dry during summer) which are expanding in last decade as phenomenon connected with climate change. I will mainly focus on contribution of dry riverbed, natural residual pools and artificial ponds to population survival and recovery of stream macroinvertebrates which are sensitive and suitable monitors of biodiversity alteration in Anthropocene.

I will work with the collected samples in every step of the way. I will be field sampling, identificating one of the aquatic invertebrate groups (Crustacea), processing the data, cooperating on the statistics and analyses and also evaluating the results. My main task will be to evaluate the role of fishponds and residual pools in drying rivers.

Where I see myself in my career in 10 years

I hope to finish my PhD according to plan in 2022. My first experiment has already been finished (the laboratory part) and the rest of the data collection is planned for the next year. That should leave enough time for data analysis and publication of planned papers. In 10 years I would like to be work at the university somewhere in Europe (Germany, Austria, Great Britain) being important part of a great scientific team. I would love to supervise few students, passing down the knowledge and experience I gained over the years.

What I like most about Brno

While Brno has all the advantages of a big city such as culture, public transport or job opportunities, in its periphery you can live in peace and near nature.