Masoud Shekargoftar

Masoud Shekargoftar

Projekt: Investigation of optimizing performance and cost of OPV by using atmospheric plasma

Hostitelská instituce: Přírodovědecká fakulta MU, Ústav fyzikální elektroniky
Školitel: Prof. RNDr. Mirko Černák, CSc.


Téma mého výzkumu a důvod volby: 

In this topic we are working on improvement of the operation of photovoltaic devices (PVs) or generally solar cells. Every PVs consist of several material and properties of these materials (e.g. Polymer) determine the characteristics, like efficiency and cost, of the PVs. We are going to use plasma to change the properties of these materials to optimize the efficiency and cost of the PVs. This field is novel and one of the most promising field of plasma application. As one of the biggest global issue is to produce clean and non-expensive energy like solar cells, plasma processing could be appropriate way to reach these goals. During my master I’ve gained enough knowledge and experience in the field of plasma and in my opinion beginning of my PhD was the right time for working on this topic.

Využití výsledků v praxi:

This topic is applied research and it has the great capacity to improve and optimise new source of energy which could be low-cost and environment compatible.

Proč jsem si vybral Brno Ph.D. Talent:

There are many reason behind the application for the Brno PhD talent. First of all, I would like to evaluate my research process in compete with other researcher. Then It always helpful to have a financial support to continue your project. Most important thing is to lead research that complete the process of my PhD thesis.