Nitrogen Fertilisers and Surface Water Cleanliness

Start date: 19 October 2023

Venue: Gymnázium Brno-Řečkovice, příspěvková organizace, Terezy Novákové 2, Brno-Řečkovice

Supervisor. Michal Kuňák, Ph.D.


The aim of the project will be to find out what impact the use of artificial fertilizers has on the amount of nitrates in surface waters and at the same time how intensive sheep and cattle breeding affects the amount of ammonium ions in waters.

Students will first gather information about the use of nitrogen fertilisers in agriculture and the impact of this mass use on the surrounding ecosystems. They will also learn about the processes of ammonium ion formation in nature and its impact on ecosystems. In the practical part, they will take water samples from three different water bodies and then analyse these samples - focusing on determining the concentration of nitrate and ammonium ions.

The measured data will then be analysed and evaluated using a graph and their findings will be translated into an informative poster.

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