How to Become a Watchmaker of Your Inner Time?
Start date: 12. 2. 2024
Venue:  JCMM, z. s. p. o., Česká 166/11, Brno – místnost 217 a Spánkové centrum FN Brno
Supervisor: Mgr. Vendula Lužná, Ph.D.  
Although humans are diurnal animals, their sleep time preferences vary between individuals. Thus, we can divide the population into so-called chronotypes - owls and larks. During the session, participants will be introduced to the field of chronobiology, which studies the internal clock. They will look at the effect of light on this clock and on our sleep, and will also have the opportunity to see the laboratories that study sleep and the internal clock.
The main goal of the course will be to identify the chronotype of the participants and the people around them and to place these findings in the context of the world's scientific publications, learning how to evaluate and interpret the data.
The club will include a visit to a chronobiology or sleep lab.