Computer Linguistics

Discovering Computational Linguistics: A Journey into the World of Language and Technology

Instructor: Mgr. Hana Žižková, Ph.D.

Location: Computer Lab G13 at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Gorkého 3, Brno

Time and program of individual meetings will be specified in September.

"Discovering Computational Linguistics" is for those interested in the intersection of language and technology. Participants will engage in examples and short demonstrations that introduce them to the topics and issues this discipline addresses. During the meetings, they will become familiar with various computer tools for text analysis and processing, which they will also try out themselves. This event combines linguistic research with machine text processing. Each participant will take part in a small linguistic research project, learning to collect linguistic data and analyze it using available software tools. In addition to data processing, we will also focus on techniques for visualizing the research results. The club meetings offer high school students a unique opportunity to explore the connection between language and technology, acquire practical skills in text data analysis and visualization, and enhance their understanding of linguistic research.

The program includes: