Project Let´s Grow

Czech language courses for the 2024/2025 school year


One-year preparatory course


Annual preparatory course with daily lessons from September 2024 to June 2025 for students aged approx. 15-18 years; total duration of cca. 1100 hours, we shall open 2 classes for a maximum of 24 students.

The aim of the preparatory course is to increase the prerequisites of young people with a different mother tongue (hereafter OMJ) for studying at secondary school. The first half of the course includes the teaching of Czech as a Second Language (CSL) (from level A0) aimed at acquiring communication skills, functional and reading literacy and the acquisition of grammatical phenomena (from the perspective of CSL). The second half of the course is devoted to the development of the teaching language in the authentic context of the individual educational areas of primary schools, where participants have the opportunity to acquire terminology, main ideas and, above all, the academic language used in regular teaching. Increased attention is paid to topics from the field of Czech history, geography and civic education. The activities and content of the course aim for the course graduate to develop the language to the level of an independent user (B1), especially in topics specific to the school environment and teaching. The aim of the course is also to strengthen key competences (as defined by RVP ZV), especially competences for learning, problem solving, communicative competences and social and personnel competences. Last but not least, the aim is to develop the socio-cultural competences of course participants related to life and especially studies in the Czech Republic.

Personal interviews with selected candidates will take place during the month of August.
Location: Česká 166/11, Brno
Refundable deposit: 5 000 CZK (in case of fulfilling the course conditions, the deposit will be refunded)
Registration: here


Completed courses


Summer intensive course

An intensive summer course for Slavs/more advanced students in the range of 100 hours. This is a monthly course that will take place during August 2023, 5 days a week, daily hourly allowance of approx. 5 teaching hours (45 minutes).


Advanced language courses - general


5 types of courses according to level will be offered (apart from preparation for entrance exams) primarily to pupils with OMJ who have not completed 1YPC, entered secondary school, but have insufficient knowledge of Czech language (with gaps in communication). The total hourly allowance is 60 lessons (45 min/lesson) and the course capacity is 8-10 people. The language level is from “false” beginners to an advance secondary school level (those who are ready for school leaving examination test – “maturita”).