Who we are


At the JCMM we ensure that people who have the potential to move our world forward and make it a better place to live for all of us, can fully develop their abilities.

JCMM (originaly South Moravian Centre for International Mobility) is a specialized non-profit interest organization of legal entities operating in the South Moravian Region.

We provide our services to pupils, students, and their parents, as well as teachers and school principals.


We offer programmes that combine global expertise and deep regional knowledge. Our core activities include:

  • career development for teachers and school leaders as well as methodological support for teachers and new inspiration for their demanding work
  • guidance to future primary school graduates while selecting secondary schools they have the best prerequisites for
  • support for gifted students from high school to doctoral study and assistance to secondary school teachers who work with gifted students 
  • connecting vocational high schools and their students with companies. We encourage students with the tools to manage a successful start of their careers and active involvement in the job market after graduation
  • technical education in kindergartens and primary schools in the South Moravian Region
  • conditions for mobility of gifted students from abroad. We also support mobility of top scientists into the region. We offer both students and researchers scholarship programmes.
  • organization  and co-organization of various competitions for South Moravian students and their counterparts from other regions / abroad. 

We strive for smart and skilful people who work for the future of the South Moravia. And this is not possible without quality education.