Project Let´s Grow

Let's grow!

The LET'S GROW project continues the previous cooperation with The Velux Foundations (the Don't give up! project) and offers free services for young migrants while integrating them into the education system and the labor market in the Czech Republic.

We offer social and career counselling, tutoring, Czech language courses, a one-year preparatory course to facilitate entry to secondary school, and volunteer support.

In addition, we also focus on methodical support for secondary school teachers when working with students without sufficient knowledge of Czech.

The target group of the project is the young generation of migrants aged 14 and 25, who need to resolve their educational and professional situation, with an emphasis on the most disadvantaged group in terms of access to education: those who, after completing compulsory schooling (mostly in the country of origin), do not have the opportunity to study for free to learn Czech and missing/poor knowledge of the Czech language, subsequently makes it impossible for these teenagers to enter secondary school in the Czech Republic, thus excluding them from secondary school and further education.

The activities in the project thus respond to their situation and aim to increase students' chances of acceptance and successful studies at a school corresponding to their potential.

As part of the project, an online platform “Česky levou zadní” (Czech language made easy) is being created as a support tool for multilingual pupils and their teachers. This is a one-year language course based on the content of the textbook, workbook and “Levou zadní” methodology, which it expands with new exercises, listening sessions and other materials, usable in teaching for students attending other courses of Czech as a second language and their teachers as part of methodological support. There is also a separate e-learning course for solitary students.

The project is financed by The Velux Foundations, and the “Česky levou zadní online” activity is co-financed by the Kooperativa Foundation. It is implemented in cooperation with the Regional Education Center and the Language School in Pilsen, and the META, o.p.s. - Support for opportunities in education, based in Prague.

Project duration: 1/8/2022 – 31/8/2027