Project Let´s Grow

Let's grow! - Vocational Education Support System for Young Migrants

The Let's grow project is aimed at young migrants aged 15+. It helps them to integrate into the education system and labour market in the Czech Republic. At the same time, it also focuses on methodical support of secondary school teachers while working with students without sufficient knowledge of Czech.

As part of the project, a platform “Česky levou zadní online” (Czech language done easily) is being created as a support for multilingual pupils and their teachers.

For the target group, we prepare annual intensive Czech language courses, summer intensive courses and advanced language courses. Detailed information on individual events will be published in due course.

Your people

Veronika Kubecová

Finance manager of iKAP JmK II and regional coordinator 724 907 693

Michael Doležal

Expert 602 735 910

Tereza Musilová

Career development, Brno 603 272 689