Project GlaCerHub
The participants of the GlaCerHub project aim, through innovation and the economic cycle, to use the current competitive advantage of the local advanced glass and ceramic industry to create a locally oriented innovation ecosystem in the border region between South Moravia (Czech Republic) and Trenčín (Slovakia), in a region with a long tradition in these areas.
The GlaCerHub consortium will create a dynamic, specialized innovation ecosystem for the advanced glass and ceramics sector by stimulating new synergies between industry, academia, government, society and other European innovation ecosystems. In the long term, GlaCerHub will become a self-sustaining entity that will support the creation, development, piloting and protection of strategic technologies, training all stakeholders through the quadruple helix, and create and support technology transfer.
Project duration: 1.6.2023 - 31.5.2027 (48 months)