Support of the Gifted in the South Moravian Region

We would like to acquaint you with the iKAP JMK II project and its activity, which is dedicated to supporting the education of gifted pupils in the South Moravian Region. It deals mainly with the issue of identifying gifted students. All contributions of the inaugural conference are publicly available online. Subtitles to the conference presentations, including annotations, in English, are provided with for our foreign partners.

Activities are aimed at supporting the development of gifted pupils, for example by supporting primary and secondary schools, and teachers in their education, counselling, hobby activities or a mentoring network. We plan to support teachers in their efforts in developing students' talents through educational activities, workshops or joint sharing. We will also meet gifted students in addition to identifying the level of talent, and offer them a mentoring network of experts, development activities or information support.

There are 6 key activities we are dealing with:

1. Counselling centre for gifted students, parents and teachers

2. Network of methodologists for the development of care for the gifted

3. Education of pedagogical staff

4. Activities to support the development of talents in students

5. Prescreening the rates of giftedness at 4th grade of primary school students

6. Foreign experts


Support of the Gifted in the South Moravian Region

1) SUPPORT OF THE GIFTED:  It is not worth it without the Region; Jan Vitula

Ing. Jan Vitula, Deputy Governor of the South Moravian Region for Science, Research, Innovation, and Education.

The South Moravian Region is launching a project that can identify gifted children, and therefore work with them throughout the Region.

2) SUPPORT OF THE GIFTED: Support programme for gifted students in the South Moravian Region; Lucien Rozprým

Mgr. Lucien Rozprým, Department of Education, South Moravian Region, General Manager of the iKAP JMK II Project.

Pupils of South Moravian schools achieve excellent results in national and international rounds of prestigious knowledge competitions. The system of support has been gradually built and improved since 2003. See, what the South Moravian Region is preparing and how the sophisticated system works.

3) SUPPORT OF THE GIFTED:  JCMM activities and programmes to support talent; Miloš Šifalda

RNDr. Miloš Šifalda, the JCMM, director

The JCMM is an organization focused on the support of talented people, whether they be pupils, students or scientists. The main goal of the JCMM is that people who move the world around us forward have everything they need for their development. The contribution shows a comprehensive system of programmes that serve this purpose. Visit us and get involved!

4) SUPPORT OF THE GIFTED: Get involved in a new project, the JCMM team

The activity of the project iKAP JMK (CZ.02.3.68 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 19_078 / 0017177) is implemented in cooperation with the South Moravian Region. We aim to support the development of gifted students. Emphasis is placed on creating a system that allows gifted students to be identified and supported, while providing support to teachers in education of the gifted at schools. Other activities are aimed at supporting the gifted through a mentoring network or development activities, and a counselling centre for parents and children will also be established.

5) SUPPORT OF THE GIFTED: Pitfalls and mistakes in identifying gifted children, Šárka Portešová

Doc. PhDr. Šárka Portešová, Ph.D., FSS MU, Institute for Research on Children, Youth and Family

The lecture reflects on the fact why there are a few gifted children identified in the Czech Republic.
We indicate which types of gifted pupils we lack the most in the education system, and we describe specific steps how to help solve this unfavourable situation.

The material and records of the contributions were created within the project iKAP JMK II (CZ.02.3.68 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 19_078 / 0017177) in the activity Support for the Education of Gifted Pupils in the South Moravian Region.

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