Project T-excursions

Entertainment, Technology, Leadership at School

Do you want to play with a scalpel, reveal causes of big catastrophes, control methods for isolation of DNA or a software for modelling of chemical reactions in 3D, and understand the basics of robotics or making of GMO? Haven´t you come across these at school? 

Visit T-Excursion!

Taste the university education. Visit laboratories and find out more about a specialization you  may want to study in the future such as veterinary medicine, microbiology, computer chemistry, bioinformatics, astronomy, molecular biotechnology, genetics, mathematics, ecotoxicology, and many more…

How does it work?

How to register?

Registrations for T-excursions are open twice a year, usually in October and in April. We are currently preparing a spring course. Once everything is ready, we are going to inform you on our JCMM Facebook and the previous students of T-excursions by email. All the information is going to be available on our JCMM website.