Brno Ph.D. Talent

Daniel Pluskal

Paving the way towards sustainable, colour-tuneable and autonomous bioluminescent systems

Lector: Ing. RNDr. Martin Marek, Ph.D., MBA

Institution: Masaryk University, Faculty of Science

Field: Environmental Health Sciences


About the project

The project focuses on the development of universal, efficient, stable, reliable, tuneable and autonomous bioluminescent systems based on bioluminescence-powered fluorescence. This is enabled by our previous breakthrough discoveries in the field of bioluminescent complexes, which this project aims to apply into a useable technology, enabling not only ultrasensitive monitoring and treatment of cancer or other diseases but also the creation of independently bioluminescent plants or trees.


Why science?

Science is my way to leave a mark on the world's history. A way to universally help, a way to make life better, a way to move humankind forward. One bit of a time, researchers are making discoveries large and small, assembling them into complex theories describing the laws of nature, and applying them to the development of technologies enabling things and events previously unimaginable - and I want to be an active part of it.


What do I like most about Brno

The thing I like the most is - how hard is to choose the one specific thing that I like the most. The people, the culture, the opportunities for meaningful work, learning new things or leisure - it's all there, just waiting for you to dive in and grasp it.