Brno Ph.D. Talent

Jan Mičan

Computational Design of the Next Generation of Thrombolytics

Lector: David Bednář, MSc, PhD

Institution: Masaryk University, Faculty of Science

Field: Environmental Health Sciences: Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, and Modeling


About the project

thrombolytics, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, machine learning, stroke, protein engineering


Why science?

After reading Kahneman's "Thinking: Fast and slow", I decided to switch from studying economics for personal gain to studying life sciences, and in particular medicine, to help these who need it the most. During the six years of research-oriented medical study program, I realized humanities and philosophy insight is something the biomedical approach cannot be complete without, and that enjoying research with its creativity, challenges, and community of people is why I want to pursue it for life.


What do I like most about Brno

For a village boy from the highlands, Brno was always the big city to go to. During the seven years in Brno, I realized it is a Moravian village inflated to a magical size where in the same walk through its streets you will find people of all nations and have to come across a friend you say hi to. After my early student years enjoying city life, I am delving more into the "second Brno", which is the hidden parts behind facades and main streets and reveals history in its natural form.