Brno Ph.D. Talent

Daniela Kristeková

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Participating in Organism Response to Metal Nanoparticles Exposure

Lector: Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Marcela Buchtová, Ph.D.

Institution: Masaryk University, Faculty of Science

Field: Animal physiology, immunology and developmental biology


About the project

The project aims to determine the nanoparticles (NPs) distribution from the primary exposure areas to secondary organs and tissue-specific changes in mice after inhalation of heavy metals NPs. The organism response, the speed and the effectivity of NPs clearance will be analyzed on the molecular and cellular level. I will focus on the induction of processes involved in NPs elimination from the organism as this knowledge can help us to enhance the NPs clearance in polluted industrial areas.


Why science?

In the future, I want to continue working in science and discover mechanisms behind the processes in the organisms. I would love to work in the team of scientists with diverse scientific background on the interesting interdisciplinary projects in molecular biology and physiology. After the post-doc position abroad, I plan on returning to Brno and implementing the gained know-how. I want to continue with the popularization of science and I would also love to work with or teach younger students.


What do I like most about Brno

When I first came to Brno back in autumn 2013, I immediately fell in love with Brno. It is big enough to offer all the possibilities of a large city, but still has a cosy charm of a small town. Many research centres and universities offer opportunities to students and researchers, there are plenty of cultural events and above all, kind and helpful people.