Brno Ph.D. Talent

Polina Nadtochaeva

Can activation of immune system lead to complications after implantation?

Lector: doc. RNDr. Monika Pávková Goldbergová, Ph.D.

Institution: Masaryk University, Faculty of Medicine

Field: Pathological Physiology


About the project

Titanium (Ti) implants are commonly used to restore the normal joint function in case of osteoarthritis. As a foreign material, they affect immune cells, which play a key role in inflammation. This project aims to study the effects of nanomodified Ti alloys on macrophage activation to predict possible post-operative complications. The co-cultivation of macrophages and osteoblasts in presence of metal in vitro will be used to simulate the joint site of a patient with total endoprosthesis.


Why science?

In 10 years I see myself in a great research team that will deal with problematic of implantation applicable in everyday life. I would also like to lead my own students with whom I could share the experience I have gained during my PhD and Postdoc research and with whom I could work on my own projects.


What do I like most about Brno

Definitely about Brno gastroculture. Brno is a top among café cities, where you can taste an incredible amount of coffee from an even more incredible number of small coffee roasters. In addition, Czech cuisine here is in harmony with world cuisine, which preserves the authenticity of its dishes, while using local products.