Brno Ph.D. Talent

Katarína Kacvinská

New approaches for skin graft modified with components targeted against resistant bacterial strains

Lector: Doc. Ing. Lucy Vojtová, Ph.D.

Institution: Brno University of Technology, CEITEC VUT

Field: Advanced biomaterials


About the project

This project deals with issue of burn injuries, specifically there is a lack of effective treatment in the fight against bacteria. The proposed solution represents novel collagen based biomaterials, scaffolds enriched with antibacterial components called "enzybiotics" targeted against bacterial strains. The aim is to design and find the best alliance between enzybiotics and biomaterials. Skin dressings will have physical-chemical characterization and will be tested in vitro and in vivo.


Why science?

I firmly believe that I can bring beneficial contribution for medical aplication and once I will be able to propose the right functional solutions and material composition in the field of wound healing.


What do I like most about Brno

Brno is a smart and nice city, still progressing forward and it has a lots of good opportunities not only for social life, but also for the scientific one.