Brno Ph.D. Talent

Július Vida

Low-temperature plasma post-deposition processing of solution-based layers in perovskite solar cells

Lector: RNDr. Tomáš Homola, PhD.

Institution: Masaryk University, Faculty of Science

Field: Plasma physics


About the project

Perovskite solar cells have emerged as a promising option in energy harvesting with unprecedented rise in power conversion efficiency in the last decade. The solution-based nature of deposition processes involved in their preparation is a great advantage. However, the fabrication relies on high-temperature processes, incompatible with desired roll-to-roll technology. In this study we propose a low-temperature atmospheric-pressure plasma post-deposition treatment of layers in PSCs.


Why science?

In ten years time I see myself as a well-regarded researcher with plenty of experience in the field of flexible and printed electronics, working on my own projects at a university or in a good company.


What do I like most about Brno

The thing I like the most about Brno is the atmosphere created by very active and involved young people from different universities with broad spectrum of interests.