Brno Ph.D. Talent

Kristýna Tučková

Synthetic biology in the green alga Ostreococcus tauri

Lector: Mgr. Karel Říha, Ph.D.

Institution: Masaryk University, CEITEC MU

Field: Life Sciences


About the project

This project is focused on establishing of Ostreococcus tauri as a system for synthetic biology by development of tools that will enable to produce biotechnologically and biomedically interesting proteins and products in high quality and concentrations. These tools include developing regulatory sequences for efficient transgene expression (promoters, regulatory elements), vectors for protein expression, and establishing genome editing tools.


Why science?

After finishing my PhD studies, I would like to find a postdoc position abroad, ideally in the field of synthetic biology. After that I want to return to the Czech Republic, where I would like to lead my own research group.


What do I like most about Brno

What I really like about Brno is that it offers many job opportunities and also a lot of possibilities how to spend my free time.