JCMM as a Centre Supporting Talent

JCMM as a Centre Supporting Talent

JCMM works as a Centre Supporting Talent in the project of PERUN in the South Moravian Region. A connection to the site Centre Supporting Talent enables JCMM to organize more events designed for high – school students interested in sciences and technology.

What are the aims of PERUN project?

The PERUN project is the first step in establishing a system for searching and supporting those, who are interested in scientific and technological fields in the Czech Republic. The output of the project will be in particular the informational, tutorial and evaluation system and Centers Supporting Talent. The project is going to create education activities for the staff working with the target group and also to form an expert group to prepare possible solutions in the field of legislation, finance, etc.

What are Centers Supporting Talent dealing with?

Mathematics – JCMM

Physics and astronomy – Techmania Science centrum

Biology – SVČ Pallova, Plzeň

Chemistry – SVČ Lužánky, Brno

See the website of the project PERUN: www.talentovani.cz