Project Scholarship for foreign students



1. If you would like to study Ph.D. programme at Masaryk university, the Faculty of Science, do not hesitate to apply for the Scholarship!

2. If you would like to study at one of the universities in Brno, do not forget that you need  very good knowledge of the Czech language!

Applications for the academic year 2024/2025 can be submitted from 1st December 2023 till 31st January 2024!

To apply it is necessary to submit here on-line scholarship application form.

Note: before filling in your login information (initial page), switch the registration form to English (click on the language selector in the upper right corner). Thank you!

Detailed information is provided in the guidebook for applicants. 


  1. Submitting on-line scholarship application: 1st December 2023 - 31st January 2024
  2. Submitting application at university: February - June 2024
    - deadlines are individually set by faculties. Our project manager is ready to help you with application form.
  3. Entrance exam at university: May - July 2024
  4. Final selection of scholarship holders: end of June 2024


       Our partner Universities:

        1. Masaryk University

        2. Brno University of technology

        3. Mendel University in Brno

        4. University of Veterinary Sciences Brno 



1. For admission to the university follow the faculty website or contact the Study Department directly.

2. If you need a Certificate of Recognition of Foreign Higher Education, contact the Rector's Office.