Project Erasmus + Talent Education


Teacher training

Training of teachers and educators in Kindergartens (all partner-countries) and the first grades (Group 1 and 2) on Primary Schools (the Netherlands) in Early Identification and appropriate approach. The training was given by Maruška Željeznov Seničar  (ZVIS) and took place in Ljubljana in January 2016 and in Leiden in March 2017.

Training of teachers of Primary Schools on Metacognitive Skills. The methodology was developed by Ph.Dr. Marcel Veenman (Institute of Metacognition) and was taught by Ph.Dr. Šárka Portešová and Ph. Dr. Marcel Veenman. The training was held in Prague in March 2015 and in Brno on 20-22 October 2017. Additional training will take place in our partner cities.

Training of teachers of Primary and Secondary Schools on Design Thinking. The methodology was developed at the Stanford University (USA) and was taught by Lineke van Tricht (Bureau Talent). The training was held in Prague on 20-22 October 2015 and in Brno in March 2017. Additional training took place in our partner cities.

Training of Teachers on Practical Differentiation. The methodology (“The Whole Task first”)  was developed by Leiden University (ICLON-institute for teacher education) by Ph.Dr. Fred Janssen and was taught by Ph.Dr. Fred Janssen and Ph.Dr. Hans van Bemmel. The training was held in Prague on 20-22 October 2015 and in Brno in March 2017.  Additional training was organised in our partner cities.



Students have different levels and educational needs. Education must be adapted to the differences between pupils. Differentiation is the way a teacher handles differences between pupils by varying such things as instruction mode and instruction time. With divergent differentiation the teacher approaches individual levels and educational needs of the children. The teacher facilitates the learning process of the students. Fred Janssen of the University of Leiden (ICLON) conducted an impact of Practical Differentiation method. 


Student Exchange

Students of Primary and Secondary schools cooperated on projects based on Design Thinking. Groups were composed of 8 international students. They took about 6 months. The subjects were developed in cooperation with scientific institutes, companies and museums.  Students presented the results of their projects at both places: in their own city and in a partner city too.


Evaluation on impact

The evaluation of the project was a combination of evaluation on results of the projects, as indicated in the program and self-evaluation by all participants. The outcome of this Evaluation  was published in an Impact-Evaluation Report and presented at the International Conference on Talent Education in 2018.


International conference

An International Conference of Talent Education was organised in Leiden in summer of 2018. This Conference was open to every teacher, educator, director, policy-maker, and researcher in the field of Education. In this conference the results of the project Talent Education were presented together with workshops based on the developed practices, methods, and tools. 
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