JCMM is aimed at supporting gifted students and human resources for science in the South Moravian Region. It is a specialized non-profit association. Our goal is to effectively support the flow of students and scientists into the region and to create conditions for the development of gifted students in the South Moravian Region. From 1st January 2019, JCMM is expanding its mandate and will also provide career guidance services by the Centre of Education for All. Since July 2019 you can find us under the official name of JCMM.

We operate and provide support in the following areas:
  1. the influx of experienced scientists into the region
  2. support of novice scientists into the region
  3. promoting the influx of foreign students and young scientists into the region
  4. support of talented students at secondary and higher education institutions in the region
  5. support of technical education in the kindergartens in the region
  6. provide career guidance services


127 Ph.D students to compete the title of Scholarship Brno Ph.D. Talent 2019!

Last day of September, the registration closed and the number of candidates exceeded the previous years (107 in 2017 and 116 in 2018) - 127 registered this year! In the next days, Jana Musilová, the project administrator, will check the applications, and then Czech and foreign evaluators can commence.

New Brno Ph.D. Talent is here!

Also this year, 2019, you can apply and win a financial contribution of 300 000 CZK (divided into three years) with your scientific project and your life motto "dig into science". It is valid only for first-year doctoral students at partner universities of JCMM.

South Moravian Centre for International Mobility is changing to JCMM

Since July 2019 you can find us under the official name of JCMM.