Project Robotiada




Robotiáda is an international robotic competition for girls and boys who are 6 to 19 years old. No worries, no cramming is involved. And it is no Olympics either! Have you ever dreamt of building your own robot which is programmed and obeys you? That is exactly what this breathtaking cyber competition designed for young constructers of small robots is about. Sign up with your classmates and build a functional robot from Lego. Robots – this is Robotiáda!

Robotiáda was created in 2013 as a part of the Student to Scientist project (CZ.1.07 / 1.1.16 / 02.0111), supported by the European Union and the state budget of the Czech Republic. The competition involves a big robotic day in Brno where the robotic clubs of elementary schools, secondary, and technical secondary schools and universities take part. In the previous years, 250 contestants took part in Robotiáda each year and 75% of them were from the South Moravian Region. Robotiáda project is not only the competition itself but thanks to support of JCMM, 16 new robotic rings have been created in the South Moravian Region too.