Why a network of coordinators?

Coordinators represent main officers between us and students. They are those, who motivate, influence, and inspire students, and that is why we turn to them for advice in many matters. They are the first to receive information from us about science and technology events which JCMM and other partner institutions are organizing.



  • can be but does not have to be a graduate from scientific and technological programmes
  • has knowledge about informal school activities and informs students about them
  • is ready to meet with other active teachers



  • supports gifted students in their development in the South Moravian Region
  • declares financial supported topics of SOČ (Secondary School Research)
  • organizes meetings with coordinators



Mgr. Viola Moškvanová

Telefon: 735 759 087

E-mail: viola.moskvanova@jcmm.cz

Web: www.jcmm.cz

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