JCMM is a specialized interest association in the South Moravian Region. It focuses on supporting talented students and human resources for science, especially in the fields of natural sciences, mathematics, IT, technology, and medicine. The organisation connects students, teachers, scientists, and those who want to pass on their know-how.

One of our new project also aims to create conditions for the development of gifted students in the South Moravian Region. It includes pre-screening of talented pupils in the South Moravian Region.

JCMM also operates several Czech centres abroad with the aim of attracting the most talented foreign students to Brno universities. The organisation also provides long-term career guidance, online service for parents and pupils when choosing a school, and a number of other services generally motivated by efforts to improve the environment in the field of care and development of the potential of the population of South Moravia. Activities of the JCMM are also implemented at an early age of children - both in kindergartens, and at the first stage of primary school as part of technical education.

The members of the JCMM association are the South Moravian Region, Masaryk University, Brno University of Technology, Mendel University in Brno and the University of Veterinary, and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno.  JCMM is a member of the European Council for High Ability (ECHA) and the EURAXESS network in the Czech Republic. Its activities are part of the Regional Innovation Strategy of the South Moravian Region.

Focus of the JCMM

● Mathematical and technical education

● Programmes for university students and researchers

● Gifted and talented pupils and students

● Career guidance

Objectives of the JCMM

● Support of kindergartens, primary schools, and secondary school teachers in the South Moravian Region, especially when working with gifted students.

●  Support of talented students in the South Moravian Region from high school to Ph.D. study.

●  Creation of conditions for the influx of gifted students from abroad.

●  Support of the inflow of top scientists into the South Moravian Region.

●  Support of technical education in kindergartens and primary schools in the South Moravian Region.

Kindergartens and primary schools

● Education of primary and secondary school counselors in the area of career guidance.

● Support for school leaders in a group and an individual form.

● Methodology and cross-border cooperation with teachers.

● Comprehensive support for children's interest in technology.

High school students and teachers

● We connect talented students with scientists - internships at research institutions, conceiving the first scientific projects (SOČ), lectures, seminars, etc.

● We organize extracurricular educational activities for students, such as interdisciplinary competitions, etc.

● We work closely with teachers at secondary schools in the South Moravian Region - exchange of information about activities for gifted students, search for the gifted, pre-screening and others.

Undergraduates and Ph.D. students

● We provide a financial contribution for career guidance for undergraduate students.

● We offer a 3-year scholarship to gifted Ph.D. students so that they can devote themselves fully to science.

Foreign students

● We provide one-year start-up scholarships for foreign applicants from third countries who have never studies in the Czech Republic to study at partner universities in the South Moravian Region.

● We provide administrative support of students, i.e. assistance with the admission procedure, diploma nostrification, visa procedure and more.

● We assist students with preparation for study in the Czech language through foreign lectureships.


● The SoMoPro mobility programme offers 1-3-year grants to finance the stay of foreign researchers in the region and the reintegration of Czech researchers from abroad.

● Within the pan-European EURAXESS network, the JCMM provides assistance not only to researchers but also to their families with the preparation and organization of their trip to a foreign country and provides comprehensive advice on their mobility issues. All services offered by the EURAXESS network are free of charge.

How can companies use JCMM?

● If you want to capture gifted and motivated high school and doctoral students (from the Czech Republic and abroad)  offer them internships, excursions or professional lectures - contact us.

See more information on the JCMM´s website www.jcmm.cz.

History of the JCMM

The South Moravian Region has been involved in international cooperation since 2002. One of the priorities in this field is to support international cooperation amongst schools, students, and teachers at the level of secondary schools and universities.

The numerous experience within the regional activities in international cooperation have ended up in the decision to found a specialized institution, which would shield this sphere of interest - activities in education and, scholarships abroad as well as in the Czech Republic.

The original motive for establishment of an association was an effort to support internalization of the South Moravian universities.

This process should increase number of international students coming to study at the South Moravian universities either as short-term exchange students or as regular students for the entire university education. The process should also contribute to better mobility of the students and teachers from the South Moravian region. The South Moravian universities emphasize especially on support of future cooperation in research, development and technology transfer in the way of talented Ph.D. students exchange.

JCMM contributes to this process by financial support of the activities mentioned above and by active research of opportunities for further cooperation and marketing.
JCMM was founded on 15th December 2005 by the Council of the South Moravian Region, Masaryk University and Brno University of Technology.


Founders and members of JCMM