Tomáš Reigl

Clustering of immunogenetic sequencing data in leukemia clinical research

Školitel: Karla Plevová

Instituce: Masaryk University, CEITEC MU

Obor: Bio-omics


O mém projektu

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), is a heterogeneous disease with varying clinical outcome. At the same time, it features subsets of patients with highly similar, stereotyped B cell receptors (BcR), involving one in three cases in studied cohorts. Such ‘CLL subsets’ have been shown to share also important biological and clinical features, with obvious implications for personalized care (Agathangelidiset al., 2012, Baliakas et al, 2014). Other, (similar) hemato-oncological diseases do not possess such powerful computational background, especially algorithms for cohort stratification into subsets are not available at the moment. Finding patterns for these stratifications would improve personalized medicine approaches based on clinical and biological data. Based on existing algorithm and using modern clustering and machine learning technologies, we will develop a suitable new clustering algorithm for immunogenetic sequencing data in leukemia research.