Ondřej Červinek

Methodology of lattice-structured energy absorber design using Selective Laser Melting technology

Školitel: Daniel Koutný

Instituce: Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Obor: Machines and Eqiupments


O mém projektu

The general motivation of this project is to increase the efficiency of energy absorbers design used in transport industry to improve car transport safety. Energy absorbers usually consists of special profiles are used to dampen large mechanical energy impacts. Highly specialized applications use components that are precisely designed for a targeted kind of deformation. The subject of development in the project will be energy absorber made of porous micro-lattice structure manufactured by additive technology called Selective Laser Melting. Using SLM technology, it is possible to precisely control shape of structured material and associated mechanical properties. Additionally, this technology can effectively combine two type absorbers. Compared to use of aluminum foams, it is possible to process multiple types of metallic materials such as titanium alloys or tool steels.