Krishnendu Bera

Interaction of selected phospho-proteins and organic molecules with 14-3-3 proteins

Školitel: RNDr. Mgr. Jozef Hritz

Instituce: Masaryk University, Faculty of Science

Obor: PhD Structural Biology


O mém projektu

The 14-3-3 protein complexes are of big interest in drug discovery projects because of their implications in the neurodegeneration and cancer diseases. Tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) was among the first enzymes identified to bind to 14-3-3 resulting into its increased activity. By applying the cryoEM, bioNMR and molecular modeling the details of the 14-3-3/TH interaction will be revealed. Subsequently, the organic molecules capable to modulate this interaction will be examined both computationally and experimentally.