Veronika Bilanovičová

The looped strive towards PIN1 characterization using cell biology and biochemical tools.

Školitel: Tomasz Nodzyński, PhD

Instituce: Masaryk University, Faculty of Science

Obor: Genomics and Proteomics


O mém projektu

PIN proteins are auxin efflux carriers facilitating directional transport of auxin. The developmental significance of PIN auxin transport is starkly visible in Arabidopsis pin1 loss-of-function mutant which fails to develop floral organs properly and instead, generates characteristic naked, pin-like inflorescence. Even though, a wealth of data describes PIN developmental and physiological roles as well as the regulation of their subcellular dynamics and polar targeting, since decades there is very limited knowledge on the structure versus function aspects of this prominent plant-specific protein family. In my project i want to advance the knowledge on the structure-function relationships, of soluble part of PIN1 - hydrophilic loop, that have not been explored in detail thus far.