Lubomír Havlíček

Single-Molecule Magnets with Trigonal Symmetry of the Coordination Polyhedron: Structure, Magnetic Properties, and Deposition on Surfaces

Školitel: Petr Neugebauer

Instituce: Brno University of Technology, CEITEC VUT

Obor: molecular magnetism, inorganic chemistry


O mém projektu

This project contains synthesis of various organic compounds suitable as ligands for coordination compounds of Co(II), Fe(III) and lathanides. Structure and magnetic properties of those compounds will be studied. Goal is to prepare so called Single-molecule magnets. This molecule exhibits unique properties and could be used in new technologies. Following will be deposition of prepared compounds on surfaces (graphene, gold, tmdc). This hybrid systems will be studied both structuraly and magnetical and can bring new properties and new possibilities for application.