Graphenoids - Metal (Metal oxide) composites, synthesis, characterization and their application in electrochemical sensing.

Školitel: Dr. Lukas Richtera

Instituce: Mendel University in Brno, Faculty of AgriSciences

Obor: Agricultural Chemistry


O mém projektu

Graphenoides (GDs), which can be defined as graphene related materials are the potential transducer elements which have attracted a significant attention. They can be used in electrochemical sensor because of their excellent physiochemical properties and high surface area. Furthermore, when they are conjugated with metal (metal oxide) NPs, the synergic effect of two components improves the properties of the formed nanocomposite. Hence, the prepared nanocomposite provides better stability, specificity, catalytic activity and biocompatibility. In our work we plan to i) synthesize GDs ii) synthesize various kinds of metal (metal oxide) NPs iii) characterize the synthesized material with different techniques including SEM, TEM, AFM, SECM and DLS. In next step we will try to iv) prepare the nanocomposite form the synthesized materials then we immobilize the synthesized nanocomposite on the electrode surface and v) investigate the capability of the constructed modified electrode to be used as a transducer in different types of biosensors such as; enzymatic biosensors, non-enzymatic biosensors, DNA based biosensors, and immune-sensors.