Simona Kuboušková

Origin and pre-Variscan evolution of the Brunovistulian microcontinent

Školitel: Lukáš Krmíček

Instituce: Masaryk University, Faculty of Science

Obor: Geology


O mém projektu

Brunovistulicum is a crucial geological unit situated in the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif. Its largest exposure represents the Brno Batholith. The project is focused on detailed geochemical and geochronological characteristics of the brunovistulian rocks using combination of Sr–Nd–Pb–Hf isotopes, and U–Pb and Ar/Ar dating of relevant mineral phases. Obtained data will be used for interpretation of origin and pre-Variscan evolution of the Brunovistulicum in the context of Central Europe.