Pratik Goswami

Study the concentration of zinc ions affecting p53 isoforms and its binding capacity to DNA

Školitel: Vaclav Brazda

Instituce: Masaryk University, Faculty of Science

Obor: Biochemistry>Genomics-Proteomics


O mém projektu

The human 53 kDa phosphoprotein p53 is a transcription factor capable of inhibiting the growth of tumor cells.The tumor suppression activity of wild type p53 is central importance as mutants are found in over 50% of human malignancies. p53 is a metalloprotein which contain one zinc atom in the core domain. Micromolar concentration of zinc ions inhibit p53-DNA binding in vitro. Study the effects of zinc on 12 p53 isoforms help us to understand p53-DNA binding.