Kateřina Vyčítalová

Analysis of metazoan parasite communities of endemic cyprinid fish species in Mediterranean area with special focus on genus Gyrodactylus (Monogenea)

Školitel: Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Andrea Vetešníková Šimková, Ph.D.

Instituce: Masaryk University, Faculty of Science

Obor: Parasitology


O mém projektu

The Mediterranean area is distinguished from most of the other parts of Europe in occurrence of many unique endemic fish species, especially cyprinids. However, studies focussing on the investigation of parasitofauna of endemic cyprinids are rather exceptional. In this project I would like to perform the complex analysis of parasite communities of endemic cyprinids to identify the structure, diversity and similarity of these communities with the expectation of discovering endemic parasite species of including the species new for science, and finally use host specific species of Gyrodactylus (Monogenea) as the idnicators of evolution and historical dispersion of their cyprinid hosts.