Tereza Chmelíková

Regulation of tissue metabolism by oxygen availability in somatosensory cortex investigated by 2-photon microscopy of NADH in vivo

Školitel: Ing. Hana Uhlířová, Ph.D.

Instituce: Brno University of Technology, Central European Institute of Technology - Brno University of Technology (CEITEC BUT)

Obor: Advanced materials and nanosciences


O mém projektu

In this project we are going to use the autofluorescence of NADH (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) to investigate tissue metabolism in mice somatosensory cortex in vivo. Specifically, we are going to study changes of the redox state of cells and tissue induced by variations of oxygen availability in physiological and pathological conditions. The goal is to understand how tissue and cell metabolism is regulated in environments with changing oxygen concentration within and outside physiological boundaries.