Jakub Holoubek

Development of temporary biopolymer hydrogels for selected growth factors and evaluation of their efficacy in the treatment of skin defects

Školitel: Břetislav Lipový, M.D., Ph.D.

Instituce: Masaryk University, Faculty of medicine

Obor: Surgery


O mém projektu

The advent of modern wound care management constitutes one of the most innovative applications of medical device technology. The foundation for wound care recent advances has been built upon the developments achieved in polymer technology over the last three decades. Together with higher demands on quality of treatment, the demand for new technological solutions is increasing. The vision of current clinical practice in the treatment of chronic skin defects and acute wounds caused by high energy, such as mechanical trauma or burn trauma, is not only a survival but also an improvement in the quality of life. Treatment of acute and chronic defects represents a significant financial burden on the health system.¨ Main goal of this project is in-vitro testing and in-vivo application of novel biopolymeric hydrogel based on Gum Karaya (with the active ingredient using the stable form of growth factor for fibroblasts (FGF2)) developed under collaboration at CEITEC Brno University of technology for moist wound healing with controlled release of bioactive substances in the treatment of acute and chronical defects. The whole project is conceived as a multidisciplinary cooperation between Department of burns and reconstructive surgery, University hospital Brno; CEITEC VUT; Enantis s.r.o. and Veterinary Institute Brno.