Kristýna Trnová

Petrographic Study of Metabasites from Silesicum and Lugicum as a Potential Raw Material of Polished Stone Artifacts of Neolithic age in Centr. Europe

Školitel: Petr Gadas

Instituce: Masaryk University, Faculty of Science

Obor: Geological Sciences


O mém projektu

In the Czech Republic there are two main localities which were used in Neolithic and Eneolithic age for exploitation of metabasites as a raw material for polished stone industry – Jizera Mountains in North Bohemian Region and Želešice in South Moravian Region. But there are also another metabasite types in the Czech Republic which were used for manufacturing of polished stone artifacts in Neolithic and Eneolithic age in Central Europe. We don’t know surely their source areas but with most probability they come from Hrubý Jeseník Mountains. The goal of the thesis is to make a wide database including data of physical properties and petrographical characteristics of all potencial sources of metabasites from Silesicum and Lugicum (mainly North Moravian Region). The database will be useful especially for archaeologists. They will use the data from the database to determine the source areas of the artifacts made of unknown metabasites.