Martina Gaňová

Development of Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction

Školitel: A/prof. Pavel Neužil, DSc.

Instituce: Brno University of Technology, The Central European Institute of Technology

Obor: Advanced Nanotechnologies and Microtechnologies


O mém projektu

In recent years miniaturization and nanotechnology methods for example microfluidics chip have proven to be powerful DNA analysis tool. Digital PCR based on chip technology with microwell-based sample dispersion offers many advantages as high sensitivity, low signal to noise ratio, accuracy, low detection limit and more. Employment of a dPCR with large number of wells can dramatically improve the system performance. Here we will model, design, fabricate and characterize a dPCR chip of a new generation. This dPCR will be able to detect more than one DNA template using the same chip. We will also determine an ultimate rate of the PCR using an ultrafast PCR system with fast polymerase enzyme. Finally, we will demonstrate that this dPCR can be used for demanding applications mainly in human medicine research.