Daniel Kvarda

Tribological behaviour of third body layer in wheel-rail contact

Školitel: prof. Ing. Martin Hartl Ph.D.

Instituce: Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Obor: Design and Process Engineering


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Wheel and rail contact plays an important role in transferring tangential (traction and braking) forces. These forces are transmitted through small contact area that is formed when a moving train wheel is loaded by normal force. Widely used coefficient of adhesion then describes the portion of normal force that is transferred to tangential direction. The values of coefficient of adhesion are dependent on the properties of contact such as contact pressure, velocity and slip. Since the wheel-rail contact is an open tribological system, a third body layer forms on the contact surfaces. This natural third body layer consists of materials originating from wheel-rail and the environment. Other products that may enter into the contact are man-made products that create artificial layer on contact surfaces. This project deals with modelling wheel-rail contact and predicting frictional behaviour.