Analysis of the wind flow patterns as affecting factor of GHG fluxes measurements

Školitel: Mgr. MARIAN PAVELKA, Ph.D.

Instituce: Mendel university in Brno, AGRONOMICKA FAKULTA



O mém projektu

For estimation of future behaviour of terrestrial ecosystems is necessary to understand their current situation. The best method to investigate this issue at the ecosystem level is the eddy covariance technique. This technique is widely used and still affected by uncertainties such as complex terrene. The PhD. student will focus on the analysis of the wind flow patterns observed at different CzeCOS sites by eddy covariance technique. Coordinate rotation of the ultrasonic anemometer reference frame was identified as the main reason for data quality reduction. A general set of rules that will improve the results of this post-processing step will be proposed and tested. This work will contribute to the improvement of the quality control scheme of CzeCOS eddy covariance data and it is expected to increase the fraction of available data.